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For leaders, coaches and consultants

A training aimed at integrating individual and organizational mindfulness in leadership, coaching, and organizational development


Cultivating skills and tools in order to serve organizations’effectivenss based on mindful appreciative values and ethical responsiblity for sentient beings and nature.

Intentionally using interventions that cultivate individual and organizational mindfulness: both detailed and broad awareness in complex sitations, clarity in decision making, and helpful communication & action.

Our trainers and speakers bring to the training decades of experience in mindfulness, leadership, training, coaching, and organizational development.


The modules comprise mindfulness practices, theoretical inputs and experiential exploration, dialogue and reflection.

The total of 14 presence days: 4 moduls (total of 11 days) and a meditation retreat (3 days) are enriched by 3 webinars (45 minutes each) and 3 coachings in small groups (3 hours each). Buddy exchanges support individuals in their personal mindfulness practice and inquiry. In addition, the participants work on a small mindfulness project and present their findings in the last modul. There is an opportunity to prepare with the head trainer and facilitate a part of a module. Time for reading and assignments must be taken into consideration.

Modul 1
"Collective Mindfulness“

3 days

→ Personal & organizational mindfulness
→ Neuro-scientific view of the blue print of the human mind-heart-body
→ Ethics, concentration & wisdom
→ Experiental learning

Modul 2
"Silent Retreat“

03 days

→ Collective silent meditation
→ Foundation of mindfulness
→ (overnight stay)

Modul 3
"Welcoming Difficulties“

2 days

→ Adapting interventions to the level of organizational maturity
→ Irritation & mistakes: a gate to collective mindfulness
→ Mindfulness-based communication and dialogue

Modul 4
"Mindfulness-Based Communication and Dialogue "

2 days

→ Mindfulness-based innovation and decision-making processes
→ Standards of mindfulness-based interventions
→ Leadership & self-organization

Modul 5
"Applying & Integrating“

2 days

→ Experiential learning: project presentations ‚organizational Mindfulness‘ by participants
→ Integration & perspectives
→ Emergence

Individual and Organizational Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become a hub word. In order for it not just to be reduced to a calming pill, an organization has to welcome and cultivate mindfulness in its vision, objectives, communication, decision, and innovation processes. Our training „Mindfulness in Organizations“ allows for the responsible implementation of both individual and collective mindfulness in leadership, coaching and organizational development.

Research has shown (Dane & Brummel, 2014; Ostafin & Kassman, 2012; Krishnakumar & Robinson, 2015), that Mindfulness is a key competency that supports the approach mode in dealing with challenges and the tapping into the developmental potential of all stake holders in an organization. Focus, presence, engagement, and learning are intentionally strengthened by transforming cognitive and structural routines.

Individual Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the skill and the attitude that cultivates conscious attention regulation and strengthens appreciative meta-cognition of what the actual experience really is. Conceptual thinking, bodily sensations, emotions, and behavioural routines are brought to awareness without habitually identifying with them. The relationship with experience is being transformed, allowing for more space in which to choose the appropriate and most helpful response in the face of complexity. Changing perspective and prosocial engagement are being cultivated. In this training, we teach individual mindfulness based on an adaption of MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) developed at Oxford University

Organizational Mindfulness

Collective and individual mindfulness are applied to any organizational activity based on clear seeing and participation. Regulating collective attention and sense making, the perception of change and risks, the chairing and containing of meetings, dialogues, and decision making processes are just some of our training topics. Employees‘ capacity to perceive and assess are seen as a precious organizational resource. Processes and roles are adapted meaningfully to allow for agile mindful responses to the flux of reality.

„Collective mindfulness allows an organisation to cope with unpleasant surprises in an optimal manner.“ Weick, K.E., Sutcliffe, K.M., and Obstfeld, D. (1999)

IFM Definition of Mindful Organizations

Mindful Organizations are living cooperative organisms. The potential of intentional, appreciative, approaching meta-cognition, that sees clearly the resources, difficulties and dynamic interdependencies, and recognizes habitual patterns of beliefs and actions without identifying with them, unfolds spaciousness in the midst of business to support wise decisions for as many stakeholders as possible. Inter-connecting is cultivated, also in silent moments, supported by methods and processes that allow collective mindfulness to be present. Insight into difficulties, decision-making, and communication are used for the emergence of creative effectiveness. Mindfulness is being cultivated personally and supported collectively through processes and roles.

Costs an dates

Costs and dates depend on the needs and conditions of your organization


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