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    The Institute for Mindfulness offers a variety of mindfulness-based consulting and training services, for you personally or tailored to the resources and needs of your organization.
  • Organizational & individual mindfulness cultivates the balance between profit, wellbeing and caring.
  • The non-profit projects of the association 'Institute for Mindfulness' are dedicated to the development of consulting methods and promotion of collective and individual mindfulness practice.
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  • Mindfulness-Based Organizational Development +

    The Institute for Mindfulness offers a variety of mindfulness-based consulting and training services, tailored to the resources and needs of your organization.

    We look forward to meeting you and discussing solutions based on your questions and intentions.

    Institute for Mindfulness - Müliwiesstrasse 55 - 8487 - Zell - Switzerland - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Leadership Development +

    How to manage the abundance of choices with mindfulness: In this mindfulness-based leadership programs individuals tap their potential to create a work environment that fosters the flourishing and performance of their teams and organizations. Training their focused attention as well as their wider awareness of inner, social, and economic environments will enable individuals to remain on target while at the same time creating spaciousness around challenges, resonating with people, and facilitating the process of self-organization. Individuals will learn how to strengthen the focus and intelligence necessary for finding solutions that benefit both, an organization's growth and its well-being.

    Mindful Leadership - A three-day seminar over a two-month period

    Mindful Leadership - An 8-step training program

    Mindful Leadership - collaborative with a spacious mind and heart

  • Coaching Skills for Leaders +

    A skills training for executives, Human Resources specialists and project managers: This training provides methods and knowledge for individuals in leading functions to coach people in challenging situations and generate solutions collectively. Individuals will learn how to strengthen their mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and intuition in order to build engaging working relationships.
  • Mindfulness at the Workplace +

    This mindfulness-based cognitive skills training helps individuals relate differently to distress and the sense of being overwhelmed. It teaches how to tap the mind's stillness and connect more effectively with one's own and others' creativity, how to rebalance quickly when triggered into emotional reactivity, how to manage information and data flux, and how to form sustaining relationships and networks in a constantly changing environment.
  • Organizational Development and Change Management +

    How to involve all parties and foster effective self-organization in the face of change and complexity: Leaders and consultants will create conditions with employees and stakeholders for generating decisions, processes, networks, and answers that take into account the fluid changes of the organization's environments. Mindfulness-based facilitation and communication methods support the process.
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Mindful Organization - Mindful Leadership

"Recent research suggests the need for a correction of the prevailing image of humanity in the economy. We are evolutionarily built for cooperation. Trust and confidence is the basic currency. Communication, innovation and solution processes must be adapted to this basic understanding of being human with its whole complex range of rationality and emotion in each context. Interested perception, recognition and appreciation of humans plays an essential role. Mindfulness as ability as well as attitude cultivates this understanding of the human potential and thus the integrative regulation in systems."

Barbara Pamment
Chairperson Institute for Mindfulness




Organizations that offer one of our seminar formats for organizations for their employees.

 University of Applied Siences St. GallenCaritas Switzerland

Organizations that use one of our seminar formats for organizations for their customers.

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